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Montana holding a cow skull, waiting



Schedule a session with Montana now by clicking here:

Montana is available for personal readings and one-on-one consultation for:

A) Spiritual coaching as well as

B) Patrons seeking guidance for all things paranormally and parapsychologically research-based


A private session with Montana offers:

A) Spiritual coaching with use of the following metaphysical and occultic methods and mechanics: spirit or Ouija board, tarot, spellwork, empathy/clairsentience, and clairaudience, mediumship/channelling, psychometry and telemetry, and, tutoring on theological academia such as - but not limited to - paganism, witchcraft and the occult



B) Paranormal and parapsychological research coaching with tutoring on both scientific and metaphysical investigative inquiry such as - but not limited to - utilizing occultic tools in addition to technological equipment, as well as investigation how-tos and tips


$150 for a one hour session by phone, live messaging or email. *(A 10% nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking is required. Complete payment required 24 hours prior to each session.

Montana is available for on-location investigations of your home, business or historical site, both local and remote. Investigations are at no cost, however, all travel expenses and a travel fee must be provided. Investigations are circumstantial and tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, therefore, details and cost to be decided. 

Montana is available for holding lectures and/or teaching classes. Please go to "Contact Me" for inquiries.

Please note that to due to an overwhelming demand, emails will be answered in the order in which they were received, with the highest priority to those that express a great urgency, i.e., cases involving a troubled child or an individual that feels threatened in any way. Please mark inquiries such as these as "URGENT" in the subject heading. 

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